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Last one sentenced  

Shawn Tatum was sentenced on April 4th, 2008 to 7 1/2 years to 8 years 9 months for being an accessory to Matt's murder. Shawn never got out of the car so technically his punishment was more harsh than the actual killers. The DA of Harnett County refused to let me talk to Shawn even though it was okay with Shawn and his lawyer. I am planning on writing him and visiting him. We did review the evidence in the case and were shocked to find out that 2 of the people (supposedly were Matt's friends) had made phone calls to someone and told them that if Matt got hurt not to say anything to anyone. One phone call was made at 3 the other at 5 well before Matt was killed. One even told her that it would be worth it in a couple of weeks and she thought she was going to get paid for it. What an idiot! What an idiot of our local judicial system that they don't prosecute them with that evidence for being accessories before the fact. The guy that made the phone call to her couldn't pay to get his self out of trouble that's why my son was killed and she thinks he was going to pay her....I sure would hate to be him or the other people that knew what was going on though because what a bad way to live when you have to look over you shoulder every minute. When you send someone to prison though for 25-30 years it gives them ALOT of time to think about what you did and what kind of mistake they made and I am sure he has a lot of friends on the outside looking out for him too. I wouldn't get too comfortable if I was in your shoes. Karma is real!
Mike Hill Sentenced  
November 14, 2007 - Shawn Tatum rejects plea  
Shawn Tatum has rejected the plea bargain offered to him by the state.  He was offered 100 to 129 months for conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree.  His lawyer did not want him to take it because of the wording 1st degree and the killer was sentenced for second degree.  I can understand this however what took place that night was 1st degree.  They came to Dunn with guns, they came to kill someone, they called my son to hang out, then my son was shot 15 times while running for his life.  There is not a damn thing about second degree in that but that's our system.  Now we will have to endure the trial on February 4, 2008 something we had hoped we could avoid. 
November 1, 2007 Mike Hill Pleads Guilty  
Mike Hill pleaded guilty to a deal offered by the Asst. DA Charlene Franks for murder in the second degree.  He received 300 to 369 months in maximum security.  He will have to pull a minimum 25 years and then he can only get out if his record has been clean.  It is not justice for the life he took that night but we would never think it was.  We are happy though that he will be locked up and not do this to another family.  We do have some opinions but we will hold on to them until the second trial for Shawn Tatum is completed.
Feb 1, 2007 Update  
We met with the DA's office today and we have a new ADA assigned to the case.  Even though it looks like we will not go to trial on the 19th as scheduled we do feel good that she will do all she can to seek justice in this case for Matt.  We have found out more in the one meeting with her than we have known for 15 months so we are thankful to have her assigned to this murder case.  Please continue to be in prayer for our family as we will be meeting again with her in the next week or so as well as for her that she will prosecute this case for Matt and that justice will be served.
Court Update October 4, 2006  
Mike Hill appeared and his attorney asked for about 20 motions to be heard.  Mostly just normal stuff.  He tried to have the witnesses seperated for the trial so they would not be together and that was not granted.  He asked for evidence to be turned over including a audio tape (that I didn't know the state had until today) which was granted.  He asked for Matt's blood to be tested for illegal drugs from the medical examiners office which was granted.  Once again the victim seems to be on trial not the accused.  They asked for the jury pool to be given to them 30 days in advance since the victim and the defendant both have relatives and friends in the area this was denied, it will be given to them when the clerk gets it like usual.  They asked for criminal records of all the witnesses uncluding the law enforcement....which the judge laughed at and told him he could get his self but they will pull the criminal records of all the states' witnesses that have convictions over 30 days.  I hope they pull the victims (Matt's) that had NO criminal record.  They feel this is fair since Mike's criminal record will be introduced...I mean he is the one on trial did someone forget that. No more motions will be filed there was none asking to surpress any evidence just a bunch of nonsense.  Guess thats what you have to do when all the evidence points to the defendant.  There will be no more court dates at this time until the actual trial starts February 19, 2007.  That is the day we want ALL of Matt's friends and family there to support Matt.  We want the jury to know he mattered and he always will.  Thanks to all who went today from the bottom of our hearts and to all the ones who have remembered us in prayers and thoughts today God Bless you we appreciate it too because without those we would never make it through.
Court Update September 6, 2006  
Nothing happened today.  Shawn's attorney did not file any motions at this time so his next court date will be the start of the trial.  I did talk with Shawn's mother today and I let her know I was praying for her and I knew this was hard for them as well.  Please be in prayer for her that mother is in pain too.  She expressed her sympathy to our family and she prays for us as well.  I know she did not raise her son to do something like this.  It is just a tragedy for us all.

Next court date will be October 2, 2006 for Mike Hill after he undergoes further testing by he defenses's expert.

Today we went to court for pre-trial motions concerning first accussed murderer Mike Hill.  His attorney forgot to file any motions before today so they postponed his case until September 5th, 2006.  His attorney stated he should have some experts they have hired reports in the next couple of days so he would be filing some based on that information.  I am assuming this will be doctors to verify he is mentally impaired.  The good thing was his girlfriend and her friends were not there so there was no trouble today.  Thank God for that.

The second accused Shawn Tatum's attorney said he did not have any motions at this time.  This was the first time Shawn had showed up in court with a new suit and a haircut.  They set a trial date for his case of  FEBRUARY 19, 2007 which will also be the date for Mike Hill once his pre-trial motions get heard.  Of course that is only 15 months after the murder so we highly doubt with the schedules that have been taking place that it will even be then.

We do not know at this point whether there will be seperate trials or if they will be tried together.

So the case goes on but the good part is they are still sitting in jail where they will not be hurting another family like they have hurt ours.

A big heartfelt thank you and all our love to the ones who were there with us today as well as to all the ones who kept us in your thoughts and prayers.  We love you.  To Johnny, Tiffany, Reese, Bryan, Ricky, Jessa, Charlene, Tim, Erica and all our family thank you for being there to keep Matt's memory alive in that courthouse.  I know it is hard to look at them and I know when you all heard the not guilty plea it made you even angrier but be patient the Lord will handle this situation and justice will prevail in Matt's favor.  I know you all loved Matt freom the bottom of your hearts and he is with each of you everyday.  Keep remembering the smile he would give you and know we will see it again one day.  I love you all.
Our Journey in this Nightmare  

Before you read this I will tell you some of you will NOT like what you will read.  Nothing on this page has not already been said in Court.  But Remember this is Matt's site whether you agree or not it is about him.  If you don't like what's here please don't come back this is our journey of grief for a son we love so dearly.  Don't call us and try to get our sympathy if your name is involved YOU put it there with your choices.  Maybe for once in your lives you will stand up and do what's right.  Matt would have stood up for any of you but you took that chance away from him so if you love him do it for him.

Sunday November 6, 2005 started as one of the best days we had enjoyed together in a long time.  The sun was shining, everyone was in a great mood and life couldn't have seemed better.  Our family reunion was that day and we all went.  Family reunions are usually cut short by the kids who usually ate and ran out to do their own things but this reunion was different.  The kids always drove seperate so they could go their own ways but this day Matt decided to ride with his sister Brittaney.  Matt was so content at the reunion asking questions about the history he had never expressed an interest in before.  Matt read the minutes from past reunions and looked at all the pictures taken for the last 25 years.  He stayed until it was over then he went by his grandfathers house to check on him because he wasn't feeling well.  Matt loved his grandparents goodbye and he and Brittaney left to go home, this was around 4:00 p.m.  His dad and I stayed at his grandparents until about 5:20 pm and we decided to take our granddaughter and Reagan to Wal-Mart to buy them something special for getting good report cards.  At 5:45 pm we saw Matt on his car and Brittaney on her car pulled over at the Exxon station.  His dad beeped him on the cell phone to make sure everything was okay and he said he had just met them to give Erica some money so they could go out to eat.  Matt said I love you and that was the last time we would see or talk to our son alive.  We went to the house then to Wal-Mart.  We pulled into Wal-Mart at 6:35 pm.  In the parking lot was a friend of Matt's Brandon James, he had two other friends with him, a girl Matt use to date Amy Layaou and a friend Jasmine Wilson.  There was another car beside Brandons truck I did not know but I would later learn it was the killer's who took my son.  I waived to Brandon and he threw up his head to acknowledge, I did not know what was in store for my son in 25 minutes but they all did.  However we would find out later that Brandon, Amy and Jasmine had known for hours what was going to happen to my son and NO ONE tried to warn him.

Matt was over at Kim's house who happens to be Jasmine's mother when he got a phone call from Mike Hill the shooter to meet him and hang out.  That call came in at 6:55 pm.  Matt left to meet Mike and at 7:05 pm Matt was dead.  Matt was shot 15 times with a 9mm glock hand gun (See autopsy report).  Matt was unarmed and alone.  Mike Hill age 26 had an accomplice with him named Shawn Tatum age 19.  Both of these guys were from Fayetteville and had only known Matt a short time being introduced to Matt by Brandon James.
We were first told Shawn never got out of the car at the scene but when the probable cause hearing was held we found out this was not true.  Shawn's clothes had blood on them too and we highly doubt Mike fell on him inside the car.  Around 7:50 Brittaney received a phone call from a friend of Matt's Timmy who also is Amy's brother.  He told her Matt's car was on the black road and they couldn't find him but there was a body out there.  Brittaney, Erica and Billy took off to the Black Road better known as Ivor Lane.  Brittaney was following a deputy who went up the hill to turn in and Brittaney did not want to pull in behind him so she turned around to go in by the Black Road.  When she turned up the deputies turned on their lights to stop her.  No one would tell her anything and at that point they would not let her call us.  It was God's way of looking after Brittaney and Erica to make them turn around and go in the other way if they hadn't they would have been able to see Matt's car and his body from the other side.  From where they were they could not see.  Phone calls kept coming into Brittaney and Erica's cell phones from people that were on the other side telling them more than they were being told by the deputies but they could not get any confirmation.  At 8:46 pm Brittaney was allowed to call us.  She told me" Mom, just listen.  They thing they found Matt's car on the black road but they can't find him but they think there is a body out there."  She tells me where she is and her father and I take off to the scene from her grandparents house.  It seemed like an eterity until we could get there even though it was in record time.  When we pull up no one is still telling anything.  Brittaney tells us what people have been calling telling her from the other side.  It seemed like hours but actually was probably about an hour before they confirmed to us it was our son laying dead in a ditch at the top of the hill, shot multiple times by a coward.  At this point they did not tell us how many shots Matt had taken, we would later learn exactly how many in the autopsy report.  By the time we found out we had been joined by our Pastor and our best friends.  Our oldest daughter Leigh, our son Rick and his wife and basically all I can tell you about that time is we are all standing there in shock.  I could not comprehend that this had happened.  I paced, I cried, I screamed and most of all I could think of was wanting my son up off that cold ground.  About 11:00 pm they asked most of us to go to the house because it was becoming a problem because so many people were trying to get to us.  His father stayed with our best friend Raeford and the rest of us went home.  Matt's father had to do the worst thing I can think of for any father to have to do and that was identify his body at the scene.  He will always live with that sight.  From the time we got home the house was full of people but for the next few days it would become a blur to us.

Monday November 7, 2005 - none of us went to sleep at all from the previous night, the house is still full, the detectives are in and out, Matt's body has been taken to perform an autopsy.  No arrangements can be finalized because we do not know when the body will be release.  We are running on overload.  All we could do was cry ti just doesn't make any sense to us.  Brandon James and his father came to visit that day and I hugged Brandon.  I never dreamed I was going to find out within the next 24 hours Brandon had played a part in this murder.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 - was pretty much the same with the exception we would learn who they suspected.  Detectives say they had received lots of information and were trying to process it all.  Matt's body would be released and the arrangements would have to be made and it seemed everything started going so fast.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - would be a day full of detectives, questions, Matt's body would be viewed for the first time at the funeral home.  I was determined I wanted to see him before they dressed him and fixed him up to determine whether I would have him open or not.  When I walked in to the room at the funeral home Matt was laying on a gurney wrapped in a sheet pulled up under his chin.  He looked like my son, a pieceful look was upon his face.  I decided to have him open but we would have to pull the hood up on his hoodie we were burying him in so that it would hide the incision from the autopsy since they had to go in over a bullet wound, and to hide the damage done to his left ear.  We had his visitation that night and there were so many people there.  Young men and women crying in such pain.  Our bodies were there but our minds were blank. We were going through the motions.  Our hearts were so full of hurt.  You can't remember everything at that time but you do remember things that were suspicious and that was that Brandon James who was suppose to be such a good friend never showed up.  We never knew until later the detectives were outside watching to see who came and went.  No parent should ever have to bury their child but especially this way.  At the hands of a person so cold and cruel to take anothers life.  After the visitation we went back to the house where our home is still full of loved ones.  We have had no sleep for three days.  At 12:20 AM the phone rings and it is the lead detective who wanted to tell us they were in Cumberland County where they had made the arrest of two people.  Michael Hill and Shawn Tatum.  They had served the search warrants on their homes and they would be bringing them to Harnett County as soon as they were through.  A relief came over us that later that morning we could bury our son and his killers would be in jail.

Thursday, November 10, 2005 would be the day we would bury our 19 year old son.  The church was packed.  Our preacher Travis Cain, our good friend and youth pastor Raeford McLeod and Preacher Timmy Blair who had baptized Matt in 2001 would officiate the funeral.  I wish I could remember every word but I do remember how comforting it was and I had no doubt my son was in heaven.  One of the hardest things a parent will ever have to do is bury their child but it is even worse when you deal with the violence of murder.  Unless you have walked in those shoes you can never fully understand the pain.  While we are burying our son the killers are making their first court appearance.  Our only piece of mind is that they are in jail with no bond at the present and they cannot hurt or cause this pain on another family.

The next days and weeks will be full of not only grief but more information on the murder.  Detectives have confessions from both accussed, the murder weapon was found during the search of Mike Hill's home and we are learning more on the roles Brandon, Amy and Jasmine played.

In December 2005 we would see the accussed face to face for the first time.  I cannot tell you how that makes you feel.  They seemed to look proud of what they had done.  Normal people can not even comprehend the type of people that can do this.  They are a different breed we call trash.  A mixup was done by the courts in appointing them a lawyer so it was continued until January 3, 2006.  We had no idea who any of their family was until court was over and they were waiting in the parking lot for us.  As we are standing there we have these people making comments.  Two thugs who have come with Mike Hill's girlfriend get up in my husband and son's face telling them they don't give a f--- about his dead son and his brother.  The girlfriend, Heidi is threatening my daughter by name to be next, Mike Hills' mother is yelling that it is all Brandon's fault and they have proof.  Our pastor went back inside to get help from the police who end up searching the guys with Heidi and one of them ends up with a drug ticket.  I go to press charges for communicating threats and she lies and said we threatened her so either charges have to be taken out by all and we all have to go to jail or we let it drop.  They were telling us how we had messed with the wrong ones.  A message to the HILL FAMILY, we did not ask to be put here, your son put us here.  No one made the decision to pull that trigger except Mike.  We wish you would direct your anger where it needs to go because we have gone through enough.  I guess parents that raise a child to do something like this though and then try to get him out of it would never understand compassion though.

January 3, 2006 - The probable cause hearing was scheduled but Mike Hills's attorney could not be present so there was another continuance.  January 18, 2006 the case was suppose to go to the Grand Jury but it did not get on the docket so another month is granted.

January 18, 2006 - we would recieve a copy of Matt's autopsy report in the mail.  We would learn exactly where Matt was hit and would have to look at the diagram of all entrance and exit wounds.  This is something NO Parent should ever have to read.

February, 2006 - Probable Cause hearing is finally held.  It is the first time we have heard the confessions read in court.  Of course Mike Hill's parents who are backing his innocense aren't there to hear it.Mike Hill's confession will state that they shook hands were having a long discussion, Matt would ask him why he was talking about him and Mike would tell him he hadn't, then he said Matt would reach for something (which we are told the evidence will show this is not true) and he got scared and started shooting with his eyes closed.  Now if you are reading this think about this, my son Matt is running for his life, Mike is shooting with his eyes closed and hits him 15 times, 4 of these are in the back after Matt has fell 25 feet away..........I think you will agree he needs to teach the blind to shoot.  He's a COWARD who had to use a gun because he doesn't know how to settle things like a man.  He is a COWARD because after he gets caught he wants to lie.  He never accepts responsibility.  Shawn Tatums confessions will be read to say they pulled up Mike got out, Matt got out and Mike just started firing.  This is much closer to the truth because of the time frame.  It would not be completely the truth though because why did Shawn have Matt's blood on his clothes?  We would have to listen to the autopsy findings again.  This day only Heidi was there to support Mike Hill but we would later find out she had brought someone with her that day who would be arrested before they left the courthouse again.  Brandon, Jasmine and Amy's names would come up again from defense attorneys.  We would be given a police secort home so there was no trouble this day.

Febuary 20, 2006 - the Grand Jury would indict both men charged on 1st Degree Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder charges.

March 29, 2006 would bring more grief, harrassement and pain.  The DA decides not to seek the death penalty against the two charged.  Instead he would rather go for life in prison without parole.  Mike's defense attorney would try to get his bond set so he could get out asking for between $10,000 and $100,000. The judge would set it at 1 million though.   He would also throw out complete lies trying to favor his client.  I understand defense attorneys have a job to do.  I can tell them though one day they will have to answer to a higher power for all the hurt and pain they cause theirselves.  I guarantee if it was their child they would feel different about the whole situation.  Brandon, Amy and Jasmine's names would come up again.  We cannot understand why these three have not been charged as being accessories before and after the fact to this murder.  We know for a fact that they knew about the plot hours before it happened and did nothing to try and prevent it.  We know from Amy's statements that Brandon and Mike had argued all day hanging up on each other and calling back.  Brandon was stressed because Mike was mad with him.  We know for a fact Brandon owed Mike money for cocaine he was suppose to sell for Mike but he sniffed it up his nose instead.  Witnesses state Brandon was very nervous and scared all day and finally Brandon went away from the witness and talked to Mike privately and came back and said Mike was then mad with Matt.  We have also been told that Brandon told Mike that he had his money but he had given it to Matt which was a lie.  Matt had quit hanging out with Brandon about 3 weeks before the murder because he said he was sniffing the white stuff.  We also have witnesses that say Brandon would talk about Matt and how he was going to beat him up and then get in his face and act like nothing was wrong and want to be his friend.  I hope Brandon James thinks of Matt everyday.  I hope he thinks about how many times Matt stuck up for him when he didn't have enough guts to stick up for his self.  I hope he realizes that the ONLY reason he is living is because he set my son up to save his butt.  I hope his parents know and feel the hurt we have that their son created.  You reap what you sow Brandon and word is you are dealing and snitching now so obviously you haven't learned anything out of all of this.  We hear you are still talking crap to people from far away but won't stop to settle the score.  That seems to be your pattern doesn't it?    The next time you pull up beside one of our family members and smile you need to remember the pain you have caused us and if it keeps on we won't be responsible for our actions, you will not push us but so far.  We are not scared of you.  Mike's in jail so who are you going to get to do your dirty work now?  I doubt anyone around here is as stupid as Mike was.

The media prints what they hear in court however all you are hearing right now is things to make Mike Hill and Shawn Tatum look good.  Our son was not perfect we know that but NO ONE deserves to be killed like this FOR ANY REASONMike Hill acted as judge and jury when he killed Matt and I hope the jury convicts him and he will never walk the streets free again.  Mike Hills mother says her son is now bi-polar, manic deppresive.  My son Matt was bi-polar too but he never killed anyone.  He didn't have a record as long as my arm, he never went to prison or was put on probation.  Your son Mrs. Hill has problems and one of them is you covering up his mistakes.  How can you add any more stress for a family that has gone through what we have at the hands of your son.  You can see and talk to your son.  We will never see ours again until we get to heaven.  Our son will never see his child he was looking so forward too.  Yours had 2 at home the night he was out shooting my son what kind of father did you raise him to be?  Please look at your own life before you try to examine ours and Matt's.  We have not harrassed or intimidated you we try not to even know you are in the court room staring down our backs but we will be there to support our son and all the people that loved him will be there with us.  There is NOTHING you can do about that and we will seek justice to the fullest extent of the law for all involved just like you would if you were in our shoes.

Our next date with these guys is June 26, 2006 for pre-trial motions and to set a trial date.  Please pray that charges for the others will come down soon.

We will add to this as it happens.   Our justice system is not for the victims.  The criminals have all the rights.  If you would like to see what kind of records these guys have you can check it out on the North Carolina Department of Correction website.

Matt Jones  

Matt was born into this world on December 30, 1985 to Keith and Jane Jones.  He weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz. and was 20 inches long.  Matt was the smallest child out of all four children and grew to be the largest.  Matt was 6'5" and 210 when he passed away on November 6, 2005.

Matt was always a loving child.  Mischievious from the time he was old enough to walk but he was ALL boy.  He taught his self to ride a bicycle (without training wheels) at 3 years old.  The red jeep he has in his pictures he and his brother Rick beat it and then told Mom he had rolled it in a wreck.  Always having an imagination.

Matt played baseball from the time he was 4 years old until he was 16.  Every year he played regular league and Allstars at the end of the season.  Matt progressed to playing AAU Baseball and American Legion Baseball.  We traveled every weekend playing ball all over the state until one day (when those license came) he decided he didn't want to play anymore.  Matt was an excellant third baseman and pitcher.

When Matt got his license it gave him his first taste of independance.  He abided by the law of his 9 o'clock curfew, even though he thought it was stupid.  He like most boys received several tickets right off the bat, speeding, (but not his fault the other car was going faster),stop sign violation (oh this was when his clutch was out and he had to roll through he said), J turn (I didn't even know what this was until this ticket) and many tint violations (he would come home pull the tint off take it and show the police, they would tear up the violation and he would go get some more and put it on the same day).  Matt loved to drive fast.  I always thought if Matt was ever taken from me it would be in a car wreck, little did I know it would be murder instead.  Matt could drive though and probably was the best defensive driver I have ever seen.  He raced everything in our home town and I think some twice.  He loved music and his system in his car ALWAYS had to thump.  We heard him coming long before we ever saw him.

Matt had many friends.  Those friends have many stories that have helped us through a very difficult time.  Those friends we love like our own children.  Those friends knew the real Matt inside and out, good and bad and they still loved him.  Matt always made you laugh.  He always kept something going and he knew just what to say to aggravate you and just what to say to make you love him.

Matt met a young lady named Erica and she became the love of his life.  Matt and Erica had plans to get married.  He had finally decided he wanted to settle down to one girl and as he told his mom Erica was the one who would be in his life forever.  Matt and Erica conceived a child which is due to be born in April 2006.  We have not been able to definately find out the sex of the baby and we believe Matt has ALOT to do with this.  He always did like to have the final say.

Matt was ripped away from us at the young age of 19.  We his family have been given a life sentence.  We will see NO LESS for his murderers and anyone else involved.  Some of the ones involved say they loved Matt but if they loved him so much why didn't they call and warn him?  Was it FAKE love?  You may not answer for it in the courts here but you will answer in front of God.  Matt was the rock to our family.  His mom's baby, his dad's little buddy, his big sis Leighs baby, his brother Ricks best friend, his lil sis Brittaney's protector.  None of us will ever forget Matt nor will we let others.  Matts memories will always live on in our hearts and in the face of his child.

To His Boyz, Bryan, Reese, Ricky, John, and Johnny ; You guys have helped us get through some rough times.  You have been here for us, you have loved us, cried with us and shared our pain.  Matt loved you and you loved him.  Keep him in your heart always, he's still rolling with you guys everyday.  And the glorious day we are looking for HE WILL BE THERE WITH YOU THEN.  You're lucky you have had your memories with Matt, you now have an Angel who always has your back.  Thank you for being so faithful to Matt to keep a lookout on us.  You are like our own sons.  We love you and I know Matt appreciates the visits and the parties you guys have with him still.

Matt touched many lives in 19 years.  Some good, some bad but he touched you in a way that you will never forget him.  Life is not fair, if it was Matt would still be here and someone else responsible for this mess would be dead. We have to stick together and see that justice is done for Matt.  Matts death will not be in vain.  We as his family plan to stand behind Matt and we will make sure that EVERYONE who had a part in the planning of this is PUNISHED.  We will work for Matt until justice is served.  We have a higher power on our side though and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.  No matter what a judge does here there will be a reckoning day.

In Loving Memory of Matt Jones written by Jane Jones, Mom  

The Call comes in from Brittaney:
Hey mom, just listen they think Matt’s car is in a field and they can’t find him but there is a body there.

The thoughts rush through my mind, no way can it be Matt.
Rushing to the scene trying to call his cell phone and see where he was at.
Blue lights all around but no one saying a word,
People calling our cell phones, telling us more than we had heard.

A horror I didn’t even know existed, until that cold November night,
My 19 year old son shot and killed in a terror of fright.
His lifeless body now laying in a field, covered with thorns,
Pictures, investigators a crime scene secured was now what adorned.

For him there is no tomorrow, for us a life full of pain.
What did these two guys think they had to gain?
They not only took my son, but a father to be,
A child he was so excited about and couldn’t wait to see.

A brother who was adored by his sisters and brother
Why did it have to be Matt and not some other?

A fiancée at home waiting to share his life.
He couldn’t wait to make her his wife.
He had finally found the right one to settle down with
Why oh why Lord couldn’t you have let him live.

Why oh Lord did you take my son.
Why oh why did he have to be the chosen one.
How could this happen and I feel so alone
Knowing now that he will never be coming home.

Two killers came to Erwin that dark cold November night.
How I hope and pray they will be judged GUILTY that’s right.
They will never be able to repay me for my son
But God will have the final say, when their days are done.

Anger I feel you don't know, unless you have been there.
The Grief I pray that no other parents will ever share.
Would I like to take their lives by my own hand?
Oh yes I would but I know that my morals have to stand.

They will not turn me into a person of fear anger and hate,
For them their records show it is too late.
They will pay tenfold for killing my precious son.
I promised Matt I would not stop until justice was done.

For you Matt I can do no more,
But keep your memory alive in the hearts that you adore.
Rest in peace son until the day we meet again,
In a place where joy, love and happiness will never end.

I love you with all my heart and soul son…………..Mom 11/24/05

My Life Changed That Night from your Big Sis Leigh  
I rode to the scene that night, sure that it would be a wasted trip.  That everyone would calm down.  Certian, that the rumors were just that....rumors.  I reassured myself the whole way there that there was nothing wrong.  Our life would not change.  That my big little brother would be laughing at us in no time.  But, my leg shook uncontrollably anyway.  I got to the end of a long dark road that I never even knew existed and there sat a sheriffs car.  He asked me for my name and then called up for permission to send me up the hill.  I still didn't let myself think there was anything wrong, that life as I knew it was still the same.  I walked up to the top of this hill, in the dark, I see light and vehicles all around, but nothing makes sense.  I ask "What's going On?" and in that instance is when I heard "It's Matt".  My life changed forever!  When I walked down that hill that night I was not, nor will I ever be, the same person who had walked up that hill a couple of hours before.  My big little brother was gone and so was a big part of who I use to be.

Our whole lives, no matter what, good, bad, together or not, we were four parts who made a whole.  We each were different, but the same.  We agreed, we disagreed, we're short, tall, light and dark but the same.  We were all one and now we are broken.  Our world keeps spinning and we will carry on for our children and for yours.  But me, Rick and Brittaney will carry you with us, every breathe of everyday until we are whole again.

I love you forever Matt,

For Matt from your Big Brother RICK  
I've thought about you every second of everyday my mind is in too many places at once.  I'm not so sure that I will ever get it together.  The last two and a half years our family has come to be closer than ever.  Never in our worst nightmares would we have imagined that it was to squeeze in our last words, hugs, handshakes and our last goodbyes.  There has always been this unspoken phrase between us, it is about the love we have always had and always will have between us.  I'm not sure if its a guy thing or a brother thing, maybe it was just "our thing".  No matter what it is I wish now that it never was our last thing.  Although I know it's too late for a face to face, I love you!  Your always with me now, watching from above, so I know every night as I speak to you, you hear and understand my love.  We have always been there for each other through thick and thin, no matter what kind of situation that the other might be in.  It's eating me alive right now because I wasn't there and there was nothing that I could do at the very end.  I've got a few choice words for a few "little bitches" (your so-called friends).  All of you know who you are and so do I.  My brother was always really good at picking a good friend, so you damn right I was shocked as hell about the whole situation Matt was in.  But it's no fault on him, because he knew nothing about nothing and put trust in his friends.  Fake friends show fake love, we all know the song.  Any of you that had any knowledge about what was going on and did nothing about it, you deserve this song.  I can't believe that Matt could call you all his friend, but that was Matt, he was trusting.  You all turned around and ended up being the end to his means.  If you so-called friends rolled with Matt then you know me, and you know where I'm at.  If there is any unsolved issues or problems with Matt, he can't help you, ya'll took care of that!  I'm still here and I am waiting for you, because his issues are now mine, and answers are due!  I'm always around, so keep your eyes open and know that you will be found.  Because it is you, not Matt, who belongs in the ground!  I am my brother's keeper and justice will prevail for I am still here and you'll soon be in hell :-)~

Matt, I am sorry that you got mixed up with these lying ass cowards and you had to endure what you did.  But I know that you are now in a better place, so rest in peace little brother and watch over us as we go through the roughest times in our lives.

Miss and Love You!  Holla at-cha boy!

In Memory of my Big Brother William Matthew "Matt" Jones from Brittaney Lil Sis  
As I sit here and listen to the clock tick
I pray and pray until I feel sick
There was no reason for what happened that night
It was senseless and helpless as you ran for your life in fright

There are no words that can take away the pain
And nothing that will block that act on Ivor Lane
Matt you were loving and cared for me a lot
And I never thought you’d be taken away by some shots

You were my protector and my brother
The one that listened besides our mother
We used to argue and fight
And most of the time you’d win
but It made me stronger and to keep up my chin

As we grew older and more mature
There was no doubt I could count on you for sure
You would wash my car to make it look good
So I could ride in style just like you would

You met me at Triton Quick Mart everyday
Not for any reason but just to say “hey”
I’d have to leave for practice so you would say “bye”
But you never forget without a sigh
“I love you Brittaney be careful bye-bye”

There’s so much talk and I don’t know what to believe
But what I know is your watching over me
You were always my big brother and still will be
Helping and guiding as I have this long journey ahead of me

This whole thing has impacted my life
Not only you being gone but my future in life
College is coming and its going to be tough
So I might stay close to home so it wont be so rough

From getting that phone call and whipping around that blue bug
To waiting impatiently and hoping while me, Billy and Erica hugged
We didn’t know then but it was all over when we got there
You had already been taken by God but it didn’t seem fair

Those guys will get there’s for taking your life
So dirty and cold on that November night
You will never be forgotten and I’ll visit you all the time
I know your watching over me and watching me shine!


I Miss You Matt from Erica (Fiancee)  
I miss you so much,
But now I’m living without your touch.
It’s so hard knowing you’re not here,
Although in my heart I know you’re near.
My life has been turned upside down,
But I know you wouldn’t want me walking with a frown.
You’d want me to keep my head up high,
And raise our child without a sigh.
Matt I miss you more everyday,
But I got to get through this ’cause I know
what you would say.
Some days I want to cry all day long,
Cause I can’t face the fact that you really are gone.
Someday we will be together again,
So I've got to live my life without all of the sin.
We will live the streets of gold,
And forever and always have each other to hold.

I Love You Matt & I Will Always Miss You!

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