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I am the new one  / Garrett Dick   Read >>
I am the new one  / Garrett Dick
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8 years today  / Jane Tew (Mom)  Read >>
8 years today  / Jane Tew (Mom)
8 years ago today our lives changed forever.  A hole was put in my heart that I could never imagine would be so painful.  Even though we have been through so much the one thing we have never forgot are the things you taught us in your short 19 years.  Your smile we could never forget and now your daughter has that same smile.  She is so much like you and when I am down sometimes and missing you the most she is the one that will say I know Grandma you miss my daddy and give me a great big hug.  So much like you.  I think how you would have been with her and my heart hurts even more that she misses out on that.  I promised you to take care of her and I will continue to be there whenever she or Erica need me.  You left me a saving grace with Matti I can tell you that.  After 8 years we have learned that life goes on and so must we but it is never without you in our hearts and minds.  We are still keeping your memory alive for us as well as Matti.  We love you son more today than ever.  RIP we will see you again.  I love you, Mom. Close
8 years  / Erica (Fiancee')  Read >>
8 years  / Erica (Fiancee')
Even though its been 8 years, it still seems like yesterday. In these last 8 years times have been tough. I sit back many nighys and wonder where we would be today. How Matti would react to having both parents, how we would be as a little family. So many thoughts run through my head and nothing I can do about them. Sadly not only your life was taken, but also Matti's , Reagans, and mine. I get sick to my stomache just to think about it. Matti is now 7 years old and im sure the most beautiful little girl you could ever lay your eyes on. My how she looks just like you.. seems unreal. So much like you in so manh ways. She still and always will talk about you. She may not have ever got the chance to meet you, but ud never know by talking to her.We have a beautiful, smart, and very talkative little girl that will talkyou until you fall asleep..lol! Wouldnt trade it for anything. There is no possible way I could imagine my life without her. She brings the joy to my days, everday with those big brown eyes and that big pearly white smile she smiles at me with. AndI know that if you were here to hear her tell You she lived you, would melt your heart.. shes such a loving child and so pleasant. She has so many people that have come in her life that have honestly fell in love with her. People that have no obligation to be there, but choose to because of the impact thatshe has made on them. She is a true blessing to me Matt. And I know that she would have been to you too.. fly high my sweet angel. I love you!!!♡♡♡♡ Close
Miss you bro  / Big Rick (Friend)  Read >>
Miss you bro  / Big Rick (Friend)
Miss and love you so much brother! Went to see you today, wish I didn't have to go to the cemetery to do it though! Merry Christmas, love you! Close
7 years today  / Mom (mother)  Read >>
7 years today  / Mom (mother)
Well today makes 7 years since you have been taken from us.  To be honest it is as painful today as it was then.  The only difference is we are learning how to deal with that pain.  I spent a lot of time talking to you at the cemetary today.  Several people joined me.  I want you to know Bryan took me out to dinner afterwards and him and I reminisced about you and all the memories.  We shared some tears and lots of laughs.  I don't know what I would have done without him today.  You would be so proud of him and the man he has become.  He sure does love that Matti but she sure does love him too.  As bad as I miss you, I do know you are in heaven with your dad, your namesake Lil Matthew, your grandfathers, your aunt and cousin Benji.  I am sure you are all having a grand time.  We will see you again one day son I am sure of that.  You are and always will be a piece of my heart.  I love you and miss you everyday. Close
NEVER THE SAME  / Mom Will Always Love You (mother)  Read >>
NEVER THE SAME  / Mom Will Always Love You (mother)
People say time heals everything thats not true.  It will never be healed losing you.  There are times when I seem to do real good and then days like today all I can do is cry and wish so much you were here.  I would give anything to be able to hear you say I love you mom one more time.  You were special.  In your eyes I could do no wrong. You loved me no matter what.  You always made sure you took care of me.  WHY can't you be here to do that now.  WHY can't you be here to see your baby girl grow up.  Why can't she tell you that you are the best daddy in the world.  It is not fair.  It has been 6 years and almost 6 months and I still want you back everyday.  I try to smile, I try to make everything okay for everyone else but the truth is part of me died the day you died.  I will never be whole again.  My heart will always be broken.  There is always something missing and that something is you.  I watch your friends who have been so faithful to us grow and mature and even though I am so proud of them it hurts knowing you never got that chance.  I know there is nothing I can do to bring you back all I can do is go on.  It is so hard.  So hard to make everyone think I am okay.  Make everyone think I am happy.  No hell son I am not happy.  Yes I have 3 wonderful children still here who I love more than anything but you completed us all.  You kept Leigh closer to us, Rick was your best friend and Brittaney was your baby you protected.  None of us will ever be okay again.  When you died we were all given a life sentence.  Just know son you are ALWAYS in my heart, my mind, my prayers and my tears.  I will miss you until the day I take my final breathe and see you again.  I love you more everyday just because you died does not take that away.  Be near me son, let me see a sign, please come to me in a dream I need you!  I love yoU! Close
6 years  / Jane Tew (Mom)  Read >>
6 years  / Jane Tew (Mom)

I cannot believe it has been 6 years.  So much has changed.  Matti is in school, Rick is home from Germany, you have another neice Briana, MacKenzie is in high school, Carson is playing football, Kyleigh would brighten up your day for sure.  The one thing that will not change is the hole in my heart and the tears I shed every year this time missing you more than anything.

I will never know why someone had to set you up for this, but I do know God will pay that person back ten fold.  Mike and Shawn have been punished but the one who started it all is free and enjoying his life.  I hope I live long enough son to see that Karma come around.

Today we will gather together at your grave as we always do.  We will never forget and there will never be a day when we don't wish you were still here with us.

I pray that I can do the best for your beautiful daugter that I can.  She is amazing and certainly is my saving grace.  She loves me just like you did son.  You and i had that relationship that every parent dreams of and I would not take a moment of those memories back.  You knew I loved you with all my heart and I knew you loved me.  Matti shares that same love with me.  When I look into her big brown eyes it is almost like I am looking in yours again.  You would be so proud, she is beautiful, so smart and loving.

Erica still misses you everyday and I wish I could bring you back to her.  She will never love another like she loved you.

Brittaney, Leigh and Rick are doing good but they will always be scarred from this.  I see the hurt in their faces and wish so much I could take it away.  You four were a whole and a piece is now gone.  I can promise you though it is never forgotten.

I pray that you are having a wonderful time in heaven and that you are saving a place for us all right next to you.  What a beautiful day it will be when we are all reunited for eternity.  Then I know I will miss you no more.

I love you with all my heart son, I hurt as bad today as I did 6 years ago but I know you are with me always.


Happy Birthday in Heaven Son  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Birthday in Heaven Son  / Mom
Today you would be 25 years old.  So young to be gone.  So much you had to live for especially this little girl who is singing Happy Birthday to her daddy today.  You would be so proud of her and I know you would be crazy over her and she would be more spoiled than she is now. 

So much has changed in the 5 years you have been gone and when we lost you its like we lost our anchor.  It seems like even though we go on that we can't get grounded back as a family.  There is always something missing.  It seems like we just can't get it together anymore.  Rick and Crystal are in Germany Leigh and Brittaney are here without either brother but have each other and I just feel like I am here.  My heart is so broken which will never heal completely and so many things have just made it worse.  I know you know what I am talking about I have talked with you about it everyday.  I just don't know where to turn anymore son.  I want things back the way they use to be when it was family and it was close.  I have tried to go on smile and keep acting like everything is fine but its not.  I am hurt I am tired and I am so ready to see you again.  Your little girl keeps me going from day to day with that smile of hers and the hugs she gives me.  She always knows when I am crying that I am thinking about you.  She tries so hard to cheer me up I thank God everyday she is in my life she is definately the best present you ever gave me.

Meibe one day when we are all reunited we can be like we use to be.  Until then their is always a hole in our hearts a place missing at the dinner table and a laugh or story we wish we could hear.  You are truly missed by us all.  I wish you a Happy 25th Birthday in heaven today son and I hope the celebration is one to remember.  I know I am selfish but i wish you could be here with us instead.  You could always make things right again and I need you so much.  Matti sends her love to you she has sung Happy Birthday to Daddy all day.  Stay close to her and protect her as well as your brother and sisters.  I love you son now forever and always.
Mom Close
5 years....  / Leigh (Sister)  Read >>
5 years....  / Leigh (Sister)

I cannot believe we have lived 5 years without you.  Somedays I feel like it was yesterday and the pain of losing you is just as fresh.  Then sometimes it feels like an eternity has already passed since we were last with you.   We've made it this far and some say they don't know how our Family does it....That we are the strongest people they know.  If you think about all we have lost maybe they're right.  But we definitely bare the scars and I think it has left us all feeling damaged at best! 

 So much has changed and I can't help but wonder how it would be if you were still here....  You just had this way about you that the rest of us do not have.  When we were all together everything and everybody just seemed to gravitate towards you.  Somehow you were that common thread that linked everybody together.   I remember when we used to seem like an Army to some people.  The 4 of us kids everywhere...parents grandparents etc.  It's amazing how small we've gotten in such a short period of time.  Which just makes it all that much harder.  

Rick and his crew seem to be doing well in Germany.  I miss him almost as much as I miss you.  I hope that someday sooner than later that he'll be closer to home!  But everybody is so proud of him.  Brittaney's good...She's had a rough patch but I know she'll come out on top.  She's a fighter always has been.  I really don't know what I would do without her!  It still feels so strange that it's just the 2 of us here now...  

All of our kids are doing pretty well.  They're all a mess;)  Jackson reminds me more and more of you everyday....from the way he carries himself some of his expressions.....and Lord that mouth!!  I wish Carson could remember you better.  He knows all about you but I can tell he just remembers mostly what he's heard and not a lot is actually from memory.  And Mackenzie I can only imagine how protective you would be over her right now.  She's turning into such a beautiful sweet girl!! 

Matti has gotten so big... And she is so smart!  That child is a blessing in so many ways.  She's definitely got that 'light' that you always had.  You would be such a proud Daddy...  She's so happy I hope that she can always stay that way.  I know the day will come when she knows what she's missed out on and what was taken from her...but I pray for it to be as easy as possible on her..and she has so many people that love her. She loves her Grandma!!  There were many days that I didn't think Mama would live through losing you....and if we hadn't have been blessed with Matti I'm not sure she would have.  She loves that baby girl like she loves you... I'm so grateful that they have each other! 

I know how hard this is for me....  But I know as bad as I hurt that Mama's pain is so much worse.  Keep watching over her which I know you do.  Gerald takes good care of her and I know that you are smiling down about that. 

I don't think there will be much sleep for me tonight..... I'm rambling at 2am just wishing that somehow you could actually see this and know how much I love you and that not a day goes by that I don't carry you with me.  RIP little brother^I^

Love Forever


Thinking of you....  / Robin Jones   Read >>
Thinking of you....  / Robin Jones
I simply want to say that my thoughts are with you in heaven and send my love to all your family.  I wish I had had the chance to know you.  Your Dad always told me stories about you; since he is with you now if anyone would like to share their memories with me please do.  Until the day we do meet I send my love....and pass some on to your Dad for me too!! Close
Almost that time again  / Mom   Read >>
Almost that time again  / Mom
The five year mark is getting ready to be here.  God I can not believe it has been that long.  Some days I look at Matti and I think how time has flown but then I think of you and think about the last time I saw you smile or heard your voice and I feel like its been a lifetime ago.  So much has changed all your friends are getting married or raising children and its so unfair your little girl does not have her daddy.  The one thing that never changes though is my love for you and the hurt and pain we feel every day missing you.  Whenever this time of the year rolls around it is so hard we relive the last moments of your life 5 years ago right up to the time you were killed and then its like a light turns off and we realize you are gone.  One day I will see you again son.  I miss you as much today as the first day and I love you even more. Close
GOD bless the family  / Diane Moore (friends with sis brittany )  Read >>
GOD bless the family  / Diane Moore (friends with sis brittany )
This is an awsome website and think it's great you done this to have memories everyday.I am a friend of Brittany's and didnt  know Matt very well but I know Britt is a great person and has alot of love for people.She is a great person and I know Matt is the same way.God bless everyone for having to go through all the pain.His little girl is beautiful! I could not imagine loosing one of my kids! you are all very strong and may GOD be with each and everyone of you. Close
Always thinkin of u!  / Erica   Read >>
Always thinkin of u!  / Erica
Still find myself day dreaming about how things would be if u were here..When Im alone (which is alot lately)I lay in bed and think of u and the family we have..I tend to get sick to the stomache thinkin of the way I lost you...We have such a beautiful daughter tgether that looks just like you..She is so smart and amazes me everyday..I miss you so much and so does Matti and Reagan..U stay in our hearts and in our minds dailyI ♥ U Matt and no one will ever take the love that I have for you away from me.... Close
My heart breaks for all of U!  / Angela, Just A. Sad Passerby   Read >>
My heart breaks for all of U!  / Angela, Just A. Sad Passerby

I came upon Matt's site and I am so sad at the senseless murder of your beautiful son. He sounded like a gentle kind funny wonderful person. As I looked at all the pictures I found myself smiling back at him. There is just something about his smile that can make you want to smile right back.

I hope that all of you know how wonderful you really are. That is so easy for me to see just by reading everything on this site. its wonderful to see the closeness your family has. That is something that can never be taken from you. Matt is with you everyday in Mattison. Oh my goodness...she resembles her daddy so much! She sure is a little beauty. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that you can find the peace you deserve. God Bless all of you!

Matti is 4  / Mom   Read >>
Matti is 4  / Mom

Son your baby girl is 4 years old.  I can not believe she is that old already.  She has grown into such a beautiful child and I wish more than anything you could see her and hold her.  We gave her a birthday party this weekend with all the things you would have loved.  We gave her a bouncy house with a slide and all the kids and her had a great time.  I could just see you in the middle of it with all those kids.  It makes me so sad you have to miss this but I know you do watch over her.  I looked out the window the morning of her party and there was a beautiful pink rose and I knew it was heaven sent.  It was gorgeous just one single pink rose.  Matti loved it.  We miss you so much it never goes away.  I love you with all my heart and I promise I will continue to do whatever I need to do for Matti.

we miss you and think about u everyday  / Tiffany Jackson (friend)  Read >>
we miss you and think about u everyday  / Tiffany Jackson (friend)
hey matt...its been so long since i have been on here MAN i am so sorry for not coming on a regular basis...well matt..its been so long since you have been gone..and we miss you like crazy me and johnny still talk about u to this day..of how funny you were and such a great friend to us both...when johnny and i started dating..you befriended me so quickly..i remember i used to think you were a bad influence on johnny...but now i think he was bad influence on you ...lol..im just kidding..gosh we miss you..i was showing lil matt his baby book and i have newspaper clippings and you brochure from your funeral in there..and he says to me..mommy is he my family..and i tell him he was an extended family and you would have loved to play with him...i keep explaining how he was named after you and how you were such a great person inside and out..he used to play with matti..but now we have lost touch and it makes me really sad..i was just telling mama jane..that im going to have to make the time to come and see her and let matti and lil matt play again..Matt she looks just like you she is sooo beautiful and has soo much light she is going to be a great woman when she grows up..she has sooo many wonderful women and men in her life...Im sorry for not being there as often as i want to for your mom and matti and your family..but this i can promise you we think about them everyday and we say a prayer for them we love them as if they were our own family. we hear songs that we have made on our cd's and we are like this song reminds me of matt... I do want to thankyou for bringing us all together..you brought me a great friend who became my best friend and im thankful for that...you brought me an extended family who i don't see as often but love soo dearly.. We miss you soo much and there is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you or say man we wish matt was here... I know you have your dad and your lil nephew lil matt up there with you and i know you are having a ball keep watching over us all and esp. your family..We miss you down here in this hard world. but we will see  you again someday and when that day comes we will all be happy again..we love you matt and miss you soo much... R~I~P Angel Close
I still miss you so much!!  / Erica   Read >>
I still miss you so much!!  / Erica
There is not a day goes by that you're not on my mind. I miss you so much. Some days are a little rough but then I look up and look at our baby girl and just thank God that I have her. She's getting so big Matt! Shes becoming a little girl instead of a baby. She'll still always be our baby but sometimes I just look at the girls while they sleep and just cry because they are getting so big. Reagan is 11 now and she's as big as I am. She's becoming a little woman right before my eyes. Matti will be 4 soon and as I was thinking the other day our baby will go to school next year. Where has the time gone. It still feels like yesterday the last time i seen you. I just told someone today that was upset about her mother passing she said wil the pain ever go away. I told her that it gets a little easier to deal with but the pain never leaves. i still hurt so bad and have an empty spot in my heart. I know ur there i feel you! But the emptiness of you not with us hurts so bad. I love you and i know if you were here alot of things would be different. Mattison and Reagan love you very much and we miss you so much everyday. XOXO!!!! Close
Thinking of you both  / Robin Jones   Read >>
Thinking of you both  / Robin Jones

Dear Matt

I know you and your Dad have been doing a lot of catching up. He missed and loved you very much; just as I miss him now.  Please take care of each other and give your Dad a big hug and kiss for me!! 

Love to you both


Dad is with you in Heaven  / Mom   Read >>
Dad is with you in Heaven  / Mom

Well Son your Dad joined you today.  Brittaney is hurting and I know she needs you guys to look after her.  I know Dad was excited to see you though and has probably told you all about Matti and Kyleigh and caught you up on everything here.  Take care of him for her.  I never dreamed you and your Dad would both be gone within 4 years of each other.  We just never know do we son.

I love and miss you everyday.  Hope you and Dad are having a great time in heaven. 


Love Mom


Happy Birthday Son !!  / Happy Birthday Son Dad Misses You   Read >>
Happy Birthday Son !!  / Happy Birthday Son Dad Misses You

Happy Birthday Matt.....I'll never forget the day you wre brought into this world son. That first night sleeping on my chest in the hospital !

I miss you more today than ever and wish so much you were here with us to see all of the changes that have come to all of our lives. Matti is as precious as ever as are all of your nieces and nephews.

Have a heavenly birthday as always....I love you so much....


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